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Art Deco Cameras


MIOM was a French company based in Vitry-sur-Seine near Paris. Its name is an acronym for Manufacture d'Isolants et d'Objets Moulés. It specialized in making isolating materials and cast plastic parts. It existed since 1929 and founded its photography branch in 1937. It made several viewfinder cameras for roll film which were made of Bakelite, a new plastic material for which the company had a license from the Compagnie Générale d'Eléctricité. The lenses of the cameras were all made by Boyer, even if they had other names. Only the lenses for the last camera models were supplied by Angénieux

Here are the M.I.O.M. cameras in my collection with date of introduction and film type.

I use a star system to rate cameras against their Art Deco credentials.

RatingArt Deco Credentials
star star star star starIconic: Famous, well-known and celebrated
star star star starSignificant: Pronounced and self evident
star star starNoteworthy: Worth giving special attention
star starAcceptable: Modest and restricted
starLimited: Minor and insubstantial


star star
Lec Junior
star star
star star star
Photax III