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Using 35mm in 828 cameras

Rolling the Film

If you have some 828 backing paper, it is possible to roll some 35mm film into it. If you don't have the backing paper, I suggest you have fun with some expired film and keep the backing paper and spools. Or, you can make your own 828 backing paper. You will need about 44cm of 35mm film. This can be taken from a 35mm film canister. As 36 exposure 35mm film is about 155cm long, you should be able to get 3 rolls of 828 film from one canister of 35mm.

You will need:-

Ready for the changing bag

You will see that the backing paper is marked as to where the film starts and ends. Roll the 828 backing paper loosely so that the 'exposed' marked end is free. Now start rolling the backing paper tightly onto the 828 spool until you reach the 'end of film' marker. Put a clip/peg on this at this point to stop it unwinding. Carefully pull the end of the 35mm film a short way from it's canister until you can cut the end of the film straight across. Get some tape that is the width of the film and fix it to the film with half of the tape on the film and the other half attached to something that will protect it but will be able to be removed easily so that the film can be attached to the backing paper

Take everything listed above into the dark room or into the changing bag.

In the dark, pull out 44cm of film from the 35mm canister. Use the measuring device to cut it 44cm long. Feed the non sticky end into the prepared spool and start winding it up. Make sure the film is straight and parallel to the backing paper. Continue to wind, without touching the film except at the sides until you get to the end of the film with the sticky on it. Take off the protective strip you put on the sticky tape. Carefully stick the film to the backing paper so it lies flat. Continue to roll until you get to the start. Put a clip on the spool to stop it unravelling. Turn on the lights or open the changing bag.

Job Done - Actually not quite as easy in the dark. If you have some exposed 35mm film, you may want to have a practice in the light first.

Using the film

Remember that 828 film has one sprocket hole per frame. This is used to stop the advancement of the film on each frame. 35mm has at least 8 sprocket holes per 828 frame so you will need to keep your finger on the film release as you wind the film and check the frame counter through the red/green window.

Image beyond Sprocket Holes

828 cameras have a film plane measuring 40mm x 28 mm. 35mm film has an image size of 36mm x 24mm. This means that the image formed on the film will be bigger than the normal 35mm image. In fact, the image spills out of the top on to the sprocket holes and is 4mm wider. The upshot of this is that if you have your films scanned automatically at your local film shop and you don't explain these issues, your scanned images will be cropped at the top and at one side or the other. So, leave space around the image in your viewfinder for cropping.