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Sida Extra


Sida Extra
Sida Extra
Manufacturer: Sida
Produced: 1938
Body Type:Solid Body
Film Type:Sida proprietary
Film Width:32mm
ImageSize:25mm x 25mm
No. of Images:8
Lens Type:Sida-Optik meniscus
Focal Length:35mm
Focus Type:Fixed
Focal Range:3m - inf.
Aperture Type:Fixed
Shutter Type :rotary
Shutter Speeds:I(1/50 sec)
Size (w x h x d):70 x 55 x 42 mm

Art Deco Credentials

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Acceptable: Modest and restricted

  • Produced during the main Art Deco period.
  • Made from brown moulded Bakelite.
  • Name moulded into front panel.
  • Leather pattern moulded on front and rear of body.
  • Raised cylindrical turrets on film bay.
Sida Extra
Sida Extra Back


There were several Sida cameras made in various countries including Germany, France, England and Poland.

Sida Extra was produced in 1938. It is a small eye-level camera making 25 x 25mm exposures. It is constructed from brown Bakelite. It is similar to the standard Sida but it has the name "EXTRA" molded into the body above the lens. It used proprietary Sida spools and film.

There is very little to say about this camera, having only a T/I shutter. It's difficult to see what the word "EXTRA" on the body refers to. 😆