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Art Deco Cameras

Rheinmetall VEB Cameras

VEB Mechanik Büromaschinenwerk Rheinmetall was a manufacturer of business machines (adding machines, typewriters etc) , engines for motorbikes and cameras in Sömmerda, Thuringia, East Germany. It started production as a weapons manufacturer during the period of the German Empire, moved to civilian production after World War I, recommenced weapons manufacture in the lead up to and during World War II and recommenced civilian production after Soviet occupation forces handed the factory back the East German state.

Production restarted in 1952, and by 1954 a number of camera models had been introduced. Some of these were sub-production for other companies such as the Exa for Ihagee or the Weltax for Welta.

Here are the Art Deco Rheinmetall VEB cameras in my collection with date of introduction and film type.

I use a star system to rate cameras against their Art Deco credentials.

RatingArt Deco Credentials
star star star star starIconic: Famous, well-known and celebrated
star star star starSignificant: Pronounced and self evident
star star starNoteworthy: Worth giving special attention
star starAcceptable: Modest and restricted
starLimited: Minor and insubstantial


star star star
star star star
Perfekta II