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Kodak Retina Nr.126


Retina 126
Kodak Retina Nr.126
Manufacturer: Kodak
Produced: 1936 - 1938
Body Type:Folding Bed
Bellows Deployment:Self Erecting
Film Type:135
Film Width:35mm
ImageSize:36mm x 24mm
No. of Images:36
Lens Type:Ektar Anastigmat
Focus Type:Variable
Focal Length:50mm
Focal Range:1m - inf.
Aperture Type:10 Blades
Aperture:f/3.5 - f/16
Shutter Type :Compur-Rapid
Shutter Speeds:T,B,1-1/500 sec
Size Closed (w x h x d):75 x 120 x 83 mm
Size Open (w x h x d):75 x 120 x 38 mm

Art Deco Credentials

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Iconic: Famous, well-known and celebrated


Behind the Art deco lens-shutter barrel front plate lies a Kodak-Anastigmat Ektar f:3,5 F=5cm lens with aperture f/3.5-f/16. Focusing is by a small handle and scale behind the lens-shutter barrel. There is a DOF scale in German on the bottom plate. It has a Compur-Rapid leaf shutter with speeds 1-1/500s + T & B. The cocking lever as well as the shutter release are on the lens-shutter barrel . The frame counter on the top plate is an additive type with manual reset by small milled lever on the back of the top plate. The viewfinder is of reverse telescopic type with a very small frame.

There is no double exposure prevention and a small lever on the back of the top plate releases the film for rewind. The bellows are self erecting and are opened by a small silver knob on the bottom plate and is closed by pressing the small knobs on the struts. The back cover is hinged and opens by a latch on the left side of the camera. It has a 1/4 inch tripod socket. The body is made from metal and it weighs 471g.

How to Use

This camera is basically a Retina I and you can find the manual here:- Retina I Manual. I found the shutter release too easily tripped, taking images when I was not ready.

Photographs taken with this Camera

Film - Ilford FP4 plus, 35mm

Stone House, Thornbury, UK
The Malthouse
Malthouse Public House, Thornbury, UK
Cardiff St Fagans
St Fagans, Cardiff, Wales
Sails Fountain, Marbella
Marbella Copper Tower
Marbella Copper Tower