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Ilford Craftsman


Ilford Craftsman
Ilford Craftsman
Manufacturer: Ilford
Produced: 1949
Classification:Medium Format
Body Type:Pseudo Twin Lens Reflex
Film Type:120 or 620
Film Width:62mm
Image Size:2¼ x2 ¼ in
No. of Images:12
Lens Type:Ilford
Focal Length:95mm
Focus Type:Variable
Focus Range:4ft to inf
Aperture Type :Multihole
Aperture :f/9, f/18
Shutter Type:Everset
Shutter Speeds:B,I(1/25, 1/75 sec)
Size (w x h x d):88 x 110 x 98 mm
Size - hood up (w x h x d):88 x 167 x 98 mm

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The Craftsman can be described as a pseudo twin lens reflex camera. It isn't a true TLR because the top lens is just part of the viewfinder and does not aid focussing.

It has a leather-grain patterned Bakelite body, with a fixed focus viewing lens and screw-out focussing object lens.

The focus zones are marked 4-5, 5-7, 7-10, 10-20 and 20-infinity feet. There are two knobs on the front giving a choice of f9 and f18 for aperture and for speeds of 1/75s, 1/25s + B. There is flash synchronisation using a two-pin connector on the left side It has a metal viewfinder hood/cover and a chromed vertical-striped front panel. There is a red window with a cover operated by a knob on the lower left of the back. The Craftsman takes twelve 6x6cm images on 120 or 620 film

How to Use

Nominal shutter speeds are 1/25s or 1/75s and aperture choice is f/9 or f/18. These are awkward values for working out exposure.

If you don't want to bother with an exposure meter, follow the guide shown. It is based on the 'Sunny 16' rule. Film is so forgiving and will produce acceptable results even when overexposed by 2 or 3 stops or underexposed by 1 stop.

Remember that the exposure guide in the camera user manual may not be helpful as it is based on the use of old film with a low ISO value.

The tables assume that the sun is at least 30 degrees above the horizon - that's 10am - 5pm on a summer's day in the UK.

Where there is a choice, a larger f number will give a larger depth of field.

For the slower speeds, you may need a tripod to stop blur through shake.

Using ISO 400 film

Weather ConditionsShadow DetailShutter Speed (s)
with sharp edges
Slight OvercastSoft around edgesf/18f/18
OvercastBarely visiblef/18f/18
Heavy OvercastNonef/18f/9
Open Shade

Photographs taken with this Camera

Film - Ilford Delta 400.

Lock Mechanism, Cardiff Bay UK
Control Tower, Cardiff Bay UK
Cardiff Castle UK
Cardiff Castle Keep UK
Music & Drama Cardiff UK
Cardiff City Hall UK