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Agfa Karat 6.3


Agfa Karat
Agfa Karat 6.3
Manufacturer: Agfa
Produced: 1936 - 1938
Film Size:35mm Rapid
Image Size:36mm x 24mm
Lens Type:Agfa Anastigmat Igestar
Focus Type:Variable
Focal Length:50mm
Focal Range:1m - inf.
Aperture Type :Iris
Apertures :f/6.3 - f/22
Shutter Type:Self-cocking
Shutter Speeds:B, I(1/25s, 1/50s, 1/100s)
Size Open(w x h x d):120 x 68 x 68 mm
Size Closed(w x h x d):120 x 68 x 45 mm

Art Deco Credentials

star star star star Significant: Pronounced and self evident


This first Karat has a rounded cast aluminum body covered with a durable black synthetic material. The top cover is also rounded with two strap lugs. On the top is a window for the internal frame counter and the film advance knob, which interlocks with the Agfa self-cocking shutter for double exposure prevention. The top cover also has the shutter release and a sliding time exposure lock. The viewfinder is a simple Galilean tube.

The collapsible front plate, which is released by a button on the top, is supported by four chrome plated scissors struts. It has an Art Deco style insert and the controls for the shutter & f stop settings.

Karat Rapid film system

This camera uses a type of film cartridge called 'Rapid' that holds 12 35mm frames. The camera is loaded with a light tight Rapid film cartridge which holds the film. The film advance mechanism transfers the film into a similar cartridge on the other side of the camera. The film is not rewound and the receiving cartridge is taken for developing.

How to Use

The Rapid cartridges are no longer produced. It is possible to load a Rapid cartridge with 35mm film in a dark room or changing bag. This cartridge can only handle about 12 frames of film. Do not try to pack more frames in. You will only need enough film for 12 exposures plus some film for a leader and some film to allow the mechanism to push the last frame into the cassette. About 50cm should be enough. As 36 exposure 35mm film is about 155cm long, you should be able to fill the Rapid canister 3 times from one canister of 35mm film.