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Brownie Hawkeye Flash


Brownie Hawkeye Flash
Brownie Hawkeye Flash
Manufacturer: Kodak
Produced: UK 1950-1961
Classification:Medium Format
Body Type:Pseudo Twin Lens reflex
Film Type:620
Film Width:62mm
ImageSize:2¼ x 2¼ in
No. of Images:12
Lens Type:Meniscus
Focus Type:Fixed
Focal Length:80mm
Focal Range:5ft - inf.
Aperture Type:fixed
Shutter Type :Rotary
Shutter Speeds:I*(1/35 sec), B
Size (w x h x d):80 x 90 x 115 mm
* Measured on this camera

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The Brownie Hawkeye Flash can be described as a pseudo twin lens reflex camera. It isn't a true TLR because the top lens is just part of the viewfinder and does not aid focussing.

Often referred to as Art Deco, this camera sits better in the Streamline Moderne category. Streamline Moderne is a late type of the Art Deco design style that emerged in the 1930s in America and continued into the 1940s. Its style emphasized curving forms, smooth & polished surfaces and long horizontal lines. The original Brownie Hawkeye was produced in 1949 and this 'flash' model in 1950.

It supportes Bulb mode and Instant with a speed of about 1/40 sec.

How to Use

See Instruction Manual here. This camera nominally takes 620 film which is still available from selected photographic outlets. Although the actual film is the same as 120 film, the spools are different. The 620 spools are slightly shorter and have a smaller diameter. Most of these cameras will take 120 on the film feed side but need a 620 spool on the take up side. On some cameras there are metal tabs designed so that when the feed side is loaded with 120 film, the camera will not shut. These tabs can be bent out of the way so the camera will close.

This camera works best with ISO 100 film. On a sunny day, the film will be 2 stops overexposed but modern film can easily take care of that. Even ISO 160 film like Portra will work well. Film is so forgiving.

Don't forget to ask for your 620 spool back when getting the film developed.

Photographs taken with this camera

The film used was Ilford FP4 plus with an ISO of 125.

Penarth Pier
Penarth Pier, South Wales
Control Box
Barrage Control Tower, Cardiff Bay, Wales
Sluice Gates
Sluice Gates, Cardiff Bay, Wales